Great Lengths, leading the world in hair extensions

Treat yourself to luxurious long hair with Great Lengths hair extensions from e'van Hair
Professionally applied hair extensions
Price on consultation for hair extensions
Great Lengths 100% Natural Hair Extensions. Can help to thicken fine and lank hair as well as helping hair to "grow" up to 60cm in just a few hours, so there is no surprise it has since become well established on the worldwide hair market.

Your safety is our priority
Only the finest quality natural hair is used, and the application process is gentle and non-damaging. Whilst other extensions are applied with damaging techniques like welding, waxing and knotting, we use a simple process called modulating. Each individual hair will be attached with polymer chains similar in molecular structure to human hair, so that once they are activated they become securely bonded to your natural hair.

Natural looking hair extensions
Perfect for both men and women who prefer a non-aggressive, technical solution, which will simultaneously use natural products to maintain the health of the real hair underneath. When you need a radical new look that will still look polished and natural, Great Lengths is the only solution. The lengths you may go to for great looking hair! We are located in central Newcastle upon Tyne.  Take a look at our price list and book an appointment
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